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Sustainability 101

How we care for our watershed now will determine the health of rivers and streams for future generations to enjoy. Sustainability describes the long-term success and vitality of our communities by implementing practices and policies today that provide benefit today, without jeopardizing future generations.

Sustainable practices do not only benefit the environment. In fact, the environment is only one of three major considerations the BRWM engages in sustainable planning. By balancing environmental interests with the interests of the economy and people, the BRWM partners can plan for future growth, without burdening the community’s well-being and without placing undue stress on our natural treasures. Overtime, sustainable planning and development will save taxpayer money through reduced stormwater infrastructure costs. It will also improve quality of life in our watershed through increased green space and landscape beautification.

When developing plans and projects to improve the communities throughout Bexar County, the BRWM Partners ask three fundamental questions before making any decisions. Each is core to the sustainability of our watersheds and communities. These considerations are integrated and often mutually benefit each other.

3 Principles of Sustainable Development

Does it protect our environment?
Is it economically responsible?
Does it benefit the health and safety of people?

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